City Centre’s 5th Birthday

In September 2020, we celebrated City Centre Community Centre’s 5th Birthday! Our doors opened on September 19, 2015, and we have made so many memories since then. We are excited to continue participating in events and programs with all of you in the years to come!

Virtual Museum

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Memories of City Centre

The Beginning


“I attended the first meeting of people interested in a community association in 1991. Jane Fernyhough was the facilitator, and it was held at the board room at the Cultural Centre. I was invited as I was on the PAC at Cook School. Lots of people attended the first meeting but the follow up meeting was quite a bit sparser.”

A favourite community centre memory: “The sweet little girl who gave Mayor Brodie the heart pillow at the City Centre opening. She had attended our programs. Also, the amazing people I have met over the years and the dedication the staff have to connecting our community. Top notch people.”

2010 Olympics


“During the 2010 Olympiques our City Centre little corner was asked to be a Secret meeting place for Rick Hansen who was lighting the cauldron and all the torchbearers. The organizers needed a safe quiet space away from crowds and media to have this special group come together for the first time.

So February 9, 2010 we hosted this gathering of celebrities and selected community people who would share the honour that evening in the relay of each carrying their torch forward handing the flame off to Rick Hansen who kicked off the party in Richmond. We decorated and provided water and snacks with warm welcome signs. After the torchbearers shared their stories with each other, they boarded a bus together to be brought to their designated locations.

What a thrill it was to meet Rick and this group of people! There was myself and one attendant on that evening. It was very exciting! One of the torchbearers was a no show, so they asked me to step in. I gave a stunned reply of “I’m sorry I can’t as I’m working” which my boss the next day said was really dumb to not seize the opportunity. I called a friend who would have to be onsite in less than 10 minutes. She dropped everything, flew over and made it!

It was a moment in time and history for everyone who shared that evening. It was a dream come true for Jacqui who at the time  also worked as an attendant at Minoru Senior Centre. The next day,  still living with thrill of it all, we were able to continue sharing the amazing  experience with all our coworkers and community. What a blast that was!

City Centre has always, since the beginning of its existence, had a gift, a flair and a passion to put on special events that have heartfelt meaning. It was very exciting for me to coordinate some of these like City Centre Celebration which grew to crowds of over 25,000 people and Le Carnaval which was my favourite as we connected with the French Canadian community. This event brought teachers from French Immersion schools out with their students all on their own time to participate after hours on our stage singing, dancing and performing French Canadian traditional music. With ice sculptures and real maple syrup on snow it was truly unique.

I’m proud as City Centre continued on hosting their diverse and meaningful events! Anyone working at City Centre had to have Heart, dedication and my true passion…”The Belief in People”.

From our tiny centre with big heart, to our now big beautiful centre with still a continuous big Heart… The heart was never lost! It is what defined City Centre then and continues to define it now.”

Photos from Monique

Art Programs


“I grew up in City Centre since May 2015. I wouldn’t have been able to develop new skills to become an artful instructor without Suzi. I started teaching Chinese painting at your centre in September 2015. Since then, I decided to create a variety of art programs for people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds, and I fell in love with teaching art classes there. I have built tremendous life skills throughout the classes. I still strive to do better and improve whichever areas I have been imperfect in over the years. Keeping good communication with the community members is a way for me to better shape our community. Teaching brings me happiness. Life is short. I am ready to devote most of my time to teach art classes and share my passion for the arts and crafts with the community.”

Singing at City Centre


“After my retirement I chose to volunteer at the City Centre Community Centre because it has the singing program that I love to participate in.  

 I still remember the first day I went into the music room and found the centre needed a volunteer to look after the session. So I decided to take care the program.   

I learned how to deal with seniors, listened to their stories, understand what they needed, and to cope with different ideas with fairness.  City Centre Community Centre has given us a place to socialize and have fun, opportunities to meet new people, a bridge to connect each other, to provide happiness especially for the elderly who live alone.  Often after singing, we go out for dim sum lunch and other karaoke events.

Hopefully this epidemic will be over soon, when we can get together again.”

Friday Nights


“I’ve been involved [at City Centre] since I was in grade 8 when I went to Friday night hangouts. I remember going to Friday night hangouts for a youth week event. It was fun, and I got to meet some of my current friends there.

My fondest memory of Friday night hangout was when I played piano in the music room, and the supervisor for Art Cafe, Kim, came to ask what I was playing because 2 of the people there thought I was playing the Jojo opening. I was then invited to come to art cafe, and it’s been my favorite program at City Centre ever since. I’ve met 4 of my greatest friends there, and learned a lot about their lives after high school.”

Preschool Walks


“One of my favourite things about City Centre is how we are located in the heart of the city, yet so close to Minoru Park. I can’t wait to start each day with our daily walk to the park with the preschoolers. It’s been a great opportunity to explore the outdoors, talk about the ducks, birds and the seasonal changes that happen all year. Watching the children connect with each other and nature and all the excitement it brings them are some of my favourite memories in the last 5 years at City Centre!”



“I have been involved with City Centre Community Association for 3 years now. I came to know it thanks to its Community Connects Events for Quintet residents and happily found this wonderful “neighbour”.”

I think of the community events and classes a lot especially in this pandemic. We are lucky to be in a community with enough public resources and public engagement to connect and build relationships. I miss the friendly faces, late night workouts at the gym and the bootcamp classes.”