Harvest Full Moon Project

The Harvest Full Moon Project, a community celebration by City Centre Community Association and local artist Marina Szijarto, was celebrated virtually for 2020.

Our celebration may look a little different in 2020 but the intention remains the same! At the heart of the Harvest Full Moon Project is the concept of Community. We hope to continue that sense of community while staying socially distant. Visit our Instagram or Facebook for even more stories, reflections, and photos.

Lantern Procession

We encourage everyone to go on their own socially distant walk in a neighbourhood park between September 26-30, 2020. Here are some local ideas:

Please be sure to respect any park you visit, in addition to leaving no waste behind. All lanterns must be flame-free.


In past years, the Harvest Full Moon Project was a series of community workshops that culminated in a community celebration and lantern procession. Together we have celebrated Richmond’s rich agricultural and fishing history while giving thanks during the harvest season through traditions, rituals, and the arts.

For more information on the Harvest Full Moon Project, click here.

“That first year and subsequent Harvest Full Moon projects have been very much a coming together of the local community, and centre staff. It has and continues to generate a lot of good will, generosity, excitement and celebration both during the workshops and the night of. The initial intention, of harvest time gratitude has continued and this project has been an incredible honour for me to create as an Richmond based artist working with Community.”

Marina Szijarto

Read the rest of Marina’s story by visiting our 5th birthday page and clicking on the lantern in the Virtual Museum. In addition, watch our mini documentary below.

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