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Our registered preschool programs provide positive and encouraging learning environments during the school year. Looking for other activities for your child, such as dance, art, sports, or music? Learn more about our activities and classes for preschoolers. Find a fun activity for the whole family also by attending one of our special events.

For more information, contact Kris at 604-204-8572.

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Our Philosophy

Our preschool programs are designed to develop the whole child. Firstly we provide a positive and encouraging learning environment. In this space, children of various cultures and backgrounds share and learn about each other and the world around them. We believe children learn best through play, for example when they use all their senses to explore and experiment. Children understand the world around them with their sense of wonder and curiosity.

We believe that children are capable of constructing their own learning. This has led us to use some ideas of the Reggio Emilia philosophy. To begin with, this philosophy believes that children are capable and use many languages to express themselves. It sees the environment children interact with as being a third teacher.

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We believe that each child is unique. Accordingly they learn, develop, interact, and play in individual ways. We thus strive to maximize each child’s learning potential. As caring, supportive teachers, we provide open-ended materials for the children to explore.

In addition we hope to inspire love and respect for nature and the environment. We go on local walks and outings. Children will learn about seasons, flowers, trees, bugs, and more.

Our Staff

Our Staff are licensed Early Childhood Educators. They are required to maintain current First Aid certificates and police record checks. In addition, staff are also required to keep up to date with the latest findings in child development and education through professional development opportunities.

Preschool Programs

Time for TwosCircle of Friends

Time for Twos

In Time for Twos, children enjoy group play and a variety of activities. Children build skills through songs, stories, music, and also movement activities. Our program prepares children to have successful interactions with their peers such as taking turns and sharing. As a result this helps to ease the transition to preschool.

In addition the children will have the opportunity to practice throwing, jumping, and balancing. These activities help with the development of children’s large muscles (gross-motor skills). This program has a gradual entry approach. Parent participation may be required until your child is comfortable in the preschool setting.

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Circle of Friends preschool builds children’s development in all areas of growth. The goal is for children to become independent and also build self-esteem. As a result children will gain the skills to succeed in Kindergarten. We also provide opportunities for social interaction, physical activities, artistic expression, and hands-on exploration. Children learn to share and take turns. In addition they learn to listen to each other and respect other’s ideas. 

We encourage children’s curiosity, creativity and imagination. In addition we introduce academics such as language and numeracy. Our program also has a strong emphasis on physical literacy. We go on fun field trips, explore our community, and participate in seasonal celebrations.

Preschool Families

Is your child currently enrolled in our preschool? Visit our private Preschool Families page to see fun photos and videos of this year! If you need the page password, please contact your child’s teacher.